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Below "O Scale West / S West 9" is abbreviated to "OSW".


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Special Notice to Vendors: Three spaces in front of the convention center can be used for parking while unloading.

We have been informed that three parking spaces at the convention center entrance will be available for parking while unloading. Watch for a uniformed person who will direct you to those spaces. Please unload quickly and promptly move your vehicle to regular parking! This is a tow away zone, so apparently abandoned (owner is finished unloading and is now doing other things inside) vehicles will be towed. These areas are monitored for security reasons, so you take a big risk by taking advantage of the convenient parking.


OSW is a gathering of those who are interested in scale model railroading using two scales, one is O which is 1/48 size, and and the other is S which is 1/64 size.

Compared to O gauge toy trains such as Lionel, 2-rail O scale trains are accurately proportioned, are finely detailed including wheels and couplers closer, and in some cases, exact miniature reproductions of the real thing. All that fine detail means they can be fragile and must be handled carefully, e.g., they are adult toys, not children's toys (although many adults enjoy Lionel trains). 2-rail O scale models run on accurate 2-rail track like the real thing, not the 3-rail track used by Lionel.

The comparison of S scale toy trains to S gauge (American Flyer) trains is about the same as the comparison of 2-rail O scale trains to Lionel described above, except that both S scale and S gauge trains run on more accurate 2-rail track, but the rail size of S scale track is not oversize as is the rail on S gauge track.

At OSW you will find about 200 hotel-size tables containing O and S scale equipment (locomotives, cars, buildings, track) that is being sold by individuals and manufacturers, and in some cases, exhibited for the enjoyment of the attendees.

In addition to the manufacturer's displays and items for sale mentioned directly above, OSW also offers a slate of clinics, many very craft-oriented, some of which are repeated to give folks a chance to attend all clinics of interest.

OSW also includes free drive yourself tours of home and club layouts. The number of layouts varies from year to year, with 30 being a good estimate. Some layouts are S scale, and some are world-class HO scale layouts that are well known from articles about them in the model railroading press.


To view photos of the 2012 meet sales and display area CLICK HERE. These photos are typical of the OSW meets.

The photos are about 100K in size, so the page should load without too much delay if you have a fast connection to the Internet. If your connection is slow, you might want to go get a cup of coffee while the page is downloading.


The meet dates are February 6 - 8, 2014. The days for those dates are Thursday through Saturday. The exhibit/sales area is open Friday February 7 9AM - 5PM and February 8 9AM - 5PM. Thursday is when visiting layouts move in and set up, and when most of the exhibitors move in and set up. Individuals can also register or if pre-registered, pick up their registration packet, so they can get in the doors promptly at 9AM Friday. OSW also offers unusual railroad-oriented movies of interest Thursday night.

If there is time (the days leading up to the meet can be very hectic) OSW will post the daily schedule for the meet, including clinics, and the layout visits schedule (the on-line version does not include address information which is contained in the free hard copy map packets available at the meet.)

Download the complete schedule for the meet HERE. View the layout visits schedule HERE.


The dates for the 2015 OSW are February 5 - 7, 2015. Those dates are Thursday - Saturday.


$30 for individual registrations, $35 after December 31. $20 Saturday-only walk up rate. 30" x 72" tables are $40 each, $45 after December 31. Hotel rooms at the host hotel are $115 plus tax per night, 1-4 occupancy.


OSW 2014 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara in Santa Clara, CA (San Francisco Bay Area). The Hyatt is located at 5101 Great American Parkway in Santa Clara. OSW has obtained a special room rate of $115 plus tax per night; the rate is fixed for any occupancy 1 up to 4. You can register for lodging at the Hyatt by telephone or on-line. By telephone, call 888.421.1442, be sure to ask for the O Scale West rate.

To register for a hotel room on-line, go to The Hyatt Web Site Page for OSW. Note: the $115 rate is available for the dates Feb. 5 through Feb. 9; the rate for rooms outside that date range may cost more than $115 per night.

Renting a room at the Hyatt Regency is NOT required in order to attend OSW.

Note: OSW contracts with the hotel for the facilities it uses. The contract amount is a sliding scale based upon the number of hotel rooms OSW attendees rent. The more rooms rented the lower the cost of the facilities to OSW and as a direct result, the lower the cost of admission and tables to the OSW attendees and vendors. If you stay in a hotel during your time at OSW, it helps keep the meet costs low if you stay at the Hyat Regency Santa Clara.


You must register (fill out a form and pay the registration fee) in order to get you a badge that gets you in the door. You don't have to pre-register to attend OSW. You can walk up during the meet and register. The advantage to pre-registration is that badges for you and your party will be pre-printed, and if you specify the O or S scale on your registration, you will be categorized appropriately enabling us to track registrants by scale if needed. If you rent tables you must pre-register. Pre-registration closes as of mail received on February 1, 2014; table renters must pre-register by January 15, 2014, although we can accommodate renters after that date with inconvenience for both the late renter and OSW.

Methods of Registering

Note that registration fees and table rental fees may increase after December 31, 2013. You will save yourself some money by pre-registering before then.


Please CLICK HERE for a general description of OSW and the OSW meet activities, and for information on geting to the meet if you travel by air or by Amtrak.

Please CLICK HERE for a detailed description of the 2014 OSW meet.


The following downloads are now available:
  • Registration Form
  • Clinics Schedule and Daily Meet Schedule
  • Contest Entry Forms
  • The Pre-meet Newsletter

    Links to download the daily schedule, and layout visits schedule overview will be provided when each download becomes available. Note that a hard copy of the daily schedule is in your registration packet, and that hard copies of the layout maps which are available for pickup at the meet contain the address information that is not contained in the schedule overview. Also note that the information you download may have changed at the time of the meet; if changes have occurred and there is time before the meet, those changes will be announced here. It is good idea to verify your plans against the hard copies available at the meet in case there wasn't time to announce changes here.


    If we know about them in advance, we will place the information about these sales in this section. The information below is provided by the sellers. All O Scale West does is publish it below in order to make that information available to the OSW community. OSW does not edit the information the sellers provide and is not responsible for claims or offers the seller might make in the information they provided to OSW.

    While no hard information has been provided by the sellers who are registered for OSW, rumor has it that some collections and estates will be sold at OSW.



    To view the 2013 meet wrapup newsletter click here. The newsletter is 11 x 17 in size which is how we print, fold and mail it. Viewing it on the screen may seem difficult, but most viewers will allow you to zoom to areas of interest. You can also print it on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets by reducing the size to 65%.


    At the 2013 meet some items were lost/left behind:

  • 2 SD camera cards
    Establish your ownership by giving us the capacity in GB of the cards, and, preferably, the brand name on each.
  • MDT reefer
    Establish your ownership by giving us who manufactured the model along with the condition of the model (tell us everything you know about it).
  • 2 truck diesel switcher
    Establish your ownership by giving us the manufacturer of the prototype, the manufacturer of the model, and by identifying the condition of the model (tell us everything you know about it).

    Once the owner of each item above has identified themself, we will ship your item to you.


    This section is updated if previously published meet detail or schedule information has changed.


    Currently (Dec, 2013) the Hyatt Regency has an exhibit in the lobby titled Alcatraz: Life on the Rock which includes items borrowed from the prison for the exhibit; examples are the secure entrance to a cell block, and a shaft that was used for a successful escape from a cell. There is also a photo exhibit titled Alcatraz: The Last Day.

    It is not known if the lobby exhibit will be ongoing during OSW 2014. However, the tour described below will be available during OSW on Saturday February 8.

    The tour comprises a two hour visit to Alcatraz Island (weather permitting) followed by a lunch break, then a three and one half hour tour of San Francisco. The tours depart from the Hyatt Regency. The tours are operated by Gray Line Tours in conjunction with an organization dedicated to preserving the history of Alcatraz. The tours depart by bus on Saturdays only; the cost is $99 for adults, $97 for seniors, and $66 for Children. Reservations are recommended. To place a reservation, contact Gray Line at 408-963-0377 or on the web at Gray Line where you can purchase tickets on line and view more information. Other combination tours may be available - check the Gray Line web site.


    Interested in learning more about 2-rail O scale? Please visit the O Scale Kings web pages.

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