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For many O Scale West (OSW) attendees, the home and club layout visits are the highlight of the show. OSW has more home and club layouts open for visiting than any other O scale show in the country. The number of layouts open fluctuates depending upon the owner's personal schedules. Over the years the number of layout open in any given year is around 30. Most layouts are very well done; a few are S and HO layouts. Some are open once during the show, others more than once.

The HO scale layouts that are open for visiting are world class model railroads that are widely known. Some are in the same vicinity of other open layouts, so you should consider visiting them when visiting those other layouts.

Since OSW has added narrow gauge in all scales, layouts in scales other than O, S, and HO may be added to those that are open for visiting. This paragraph will be updated if that happens, so check back from time to time.

Thank You! to the layout owners who are willing to open their layouts for visiting during O Scale West!

Schedule Types

In the past the layouts schedule has been sorted only by date. We would like to offer the schedule sorted by scale, and another schedule sorted by location. The latter two will be added to this site if we are able to prepare them. The schedule sorted by day is below.

Getting To The Layouts

OSW will provide for pick in the registration area a sheet that identifies each layout, its open schedule, and its complete address. It is up to you to use a road navigation GPS to guide you to the layouts you want to see.

A road map of the San Francisco Bay Area, and possibly, depending upon how far you want to travel to visit layouts, a road map of northern California as well, will be a great help in your planning. (Note: Friday evening commute traffic heading out of the Santa Clara area can be heavy, so please allow for that possibility in your planning.)

We strongly recommend that you use a street-oriented GPS (global positioning system) road navigation system to get you to the layouts of your choice. To use one, you enter into the GPS the address of the location where you want to go, and the GPS system will give you voice commands (e.g., "take 101 north for 10 miles", then "take next exit", then "take next left turn", etc.) and guide you directly to your destination, regardless of where you are starting from. These things really work and are not that complicated to use. If you enter the correct address, you will not get lost, even if you make a wrong turn. Many rental cars have built-in GPS systems; if you plan to rent a car and plan to use your own portable GPS system, make sure the cigarette lighter in your rental works, as you may need to supplement the GPS's batteries with power from the car, and be sure to bring the appropriate power cords with you.

The advantages of using a road navigation GPS are that most of them will route you around traffic situations, and you can proceed directly from one layout to the next without having to puzzle through maps that each show directions to the layout only from the hotel.

Some layouts are several hours drive from Santa Clara. These layouts are normally open Sunday and Monday after the show.

Layout Address Availability

As mentioned above, the schedule that includes the layout address will only be available at the show. The schedule without addresses is available on line so you can plan your layout visits before coming to the show. If you see layouts on the schedule that you want to visit on your way to the show you will need the addresses of those layouts. You can obtain those addresses providing you are already registered for the show and send an LSSAE (#10 envelope self addressed to you and with postage applied) to the OSW business office.


The list of layouts that will be open for the 2018 OSW won't be finalized until April 2018. However, it seems most layouts are open the same days and times from year to year. Below is shown the layout visits schedule for the 2017 meet. You can use this schedule to get an idea of what the 2018 schedule will be like. If you do, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you check your plans based on the below schedule against the 2018 visits schedule when you get it. You can have a 2018 schedule mailed to you about two weeks before the meet if you have pre-registered for the meet and send a LSSAE to OSW (see Contact Us for the address of the business office; the address is also on the registration form).


Click on the layout to see a description of it. An * indicates that there are access restrictions - see the layout description for more information..

THURSDAY May 25, 2017

FRIDAY May 26, 2017

SATURDAY May 27, 2017

SUNDAY May 28, 2017

MONDAY May 29, 2017

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