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The S scale community has special events in conjunction with OSW that are primarily for but not limited to S Scalers; there is a lot there for modelers in other scales.

The flyer package that was mailed mid-March contained a sheet that has the S Scaler's events information on one side and the Diorama Contest rules on the other side; the two sides were developed as separate files, so we refer to them below separately.

Click here to view the S scale events information.

The double ended blue arrow on that sheet indicates the other side of the above sheet which is the diorama contest rules.

Here is a direct link to the S Scalers dinner Friday night, open to all.

The Bay Area S Scalers is the group who is doing all the work from the S scale point of view for O Scale West. Here is a direct link to the Bay Area S Scalers web site.

To learn more about 2-rail O scale visit the O Scale Kings website.

Want to learn more about S scale? Visit the S SIG website.